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Wales' heroes celebrate famous Rugby World Cup victory over England with 3am cryotherapy session

September 28, 2015 by Andy Howell

Wales’ heroes headed straight to the squad’s notorious cryotherapy chambers when they arrived back at their headquarters in the Vale of Glamorgan at the early hours of this morning...


Cryotherapy helps people feel better, look better

Posted: Jul 24, 2012 Updated: Aug 24, 2015

There's a new therapeutic treatment offered in Atlanta that athletes and weekend warriors are trying. It's called cryotherapy. 

We've heard about athletes putting ice on an injury or a pro-athlete taking an ice bath after a game. Cryotherapy is a new twist on cold therapy. It's an all-over body freeze that lasts just minutes and can have big benefits.


Chill out: Cryotherapy, latest ‘wellness’ trend, arrives in central Ohio

August 26, 2015, by Tim Feran

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Cryotherapy: Freeze your way to better health?

February 12, 2015

The treatment is known as whole body cryotherapy, a new health trend popping up across the country. It is two to three intense minutes of exposure to freezing nitrogen gas.

The extreme temperatures shock the system and is said to stimulate the immune system. In addition to saying it makes you look younger, Krupp said it's a rush that lasts for hours -- even days.

‘Cryotherapy’ freezing treatment may heal injuries, slow signs of aging

March 10, 2015

The cooling treatment, known as cryotherapy, requires spending time in a "cryosauna" that's cooled to -264 degrees. The method is not new, but it is said to reduce inflammation, improve athletic performance and even slow signs of aging.

Cryotherapy: The deep freeze health treatment taking America by storm

Sep 26, 2015, by Albred Joyner

Customer Lena Roth said she has been using cryotherapy for about two months, initially starting the procedure while recovering from knee surgery. After receiving the three-minute treatment, she says she feels more energetic.

Cryotherapy treatment expedites recovery process of HS athletes

September 14, 201, by Courtney Cronin

In the ever-evolving world of sports physical therapy centered around training, recovery and rehabilitation, a new regimen is emerging, aimed to help athletes recover faster.

Cryotherapy is a treatment that exposes the body from the neck down to sub-zero temperatures by freezing nitrogen gas inside of a chamber. Its purpose is to reduce pain and inflammation caused by strenuous exercise.

What Happened When I Let Elite Total Body Cryotherapy 'Freeze' Me For 2 Minutes

September 01, 2015 by Justin Caba

The effect the liquid nitrogen had, specifically the decrease of inflammation around my muscles and joints, continued after I got out. What I can only describe as looseness in my joints and previously injured extremities lasted into my workout later that day. Obviously, muscle fatigue kicked back in after. Placebo effect or the real thing, my two minutes of Whole Body Cryotherapy produced results that I could only dream of back in my college playing days. Namely a speedy recovery from injuries.

Freezing Your Way To Fitness: The Cold Facts About Cryotherapy

September 17, 2015 by Jeff Hogan

There are no shortcuts to fitness but there may be a new way around healing your body for wellness.

Some call cryotherapy a frozen fountain of youth and it claims to make whatever ails you, feel better.

“Three minutes and you're in and out,” Chill Cryotherapy owner Kristin Scott said. "Muscle recovery, depression, anxiety, insomnia, arthritis."

Santa Cruz area athletes open cryotherapy clinic

September 28, 2015 by Jennifer Pittman

Your brain pumps your blood full of collagens and anti-inflammatories," Fowler said. "Your brain releases endorphins."

Studies seem to support some advantages to the full body chill. Advocates compare the effects to 20 minutes in an ice water bath, but without the usual discomfort and say it helps with chronic pain, inflammation, sleep and mood disorders, asthma, weight loss, anti-aging and skin toning.


Putting pain into the deep freeze

September 04, 2015 by Jean Enersen

From LeBron James to Lindsay Lohan, more and more people are subjecting their bodies to subarctic temperatures of minus-200 degrees and below—all hoping to feel the benefits of this modern-day ice bath.

It's not just celebrities and athletes embracing cryotherapy. CEO Peter Merrigan believes it's helped him avoid back surgery.


7 amazing benefits of cryotherapy

September 22, 2015 by Mark Dilworth

If you are looking for different ways to recover from exercise or chronic pain, cryotherapy works for many people.

For example, performing a weight (or resistance) exercise incorrectly can cause pain in your joints, back or other unintended areas. For example, the squat or lunge should primarily work and strengthen the glutes, quadriceps and hamstrings. If you feel unusual pain or stress in your back or knees, this could signal injury or incorrect performance of the exercise.

Cryotherapy aims to help treat pain, muscle inflammation

September 06 2015 by Aaron Wische

For celebrities like LeBron James and Lindsay Lohan, cryotherapy has become a hot new treatment to cure things, like chronic pain, and help athletes recover from strenuous workouts. 

Cryotherapy treatments can help muscle inflammation and back pain. But it's also promoted as a way to tighten and smooth the skin. There are also claims it can help people lose weight.

Cryotherapy: The new 'cool' way to keep fit

September 21, 2015 by Adam Isaacs

During a session, your body recognises it's freezing so it increases its flow of oxygen and blood. When the body returns to normal temperatures, it pumps blood back to the tissues which stimulates oxygen and nutrient supply, resulting in tissue healing. The extra work for your body burns calories, and the tissue healing means firmer, glowing skin.

Cryotherapy: The Newest Medical Therapy

September 13, 2015 by Hubert Vaz

Are you suffering from rheumatoid arthritis, chronic pains, sleep disorders, and have tried various alternate remedies to no avail? So now, just chill ... quite literally.

Cryotherapy promotes anti-inflammatory properties, which decrease soreness in a post-workout state. During treatment, toxins that are stored in layers of the skin are broken down and flushed out. This process results in the reduction of cellulite and wrinkles, increased elasticity in the skin and an improved overall “youthful” feeling. During the course of treatments, Cryotherapy helps the body to reset its metabolism, which means caloric and fat burning, and overall weight loss.

LOOK: Ohio State RB Ezekiel Elliott looks terrifying in cryotherapy tank

September 06, 2015 by Robby Kalland

Running back Ezekiel Elliott had his worst game of the season against Virginia Tech last year -- 8 carries for 32 yards -- and wants to make sure he's in peak physical form for the game, so he went to get a little cryotherapy on Sunday. Let's see how he's enjoying that.


Cian O’Sullivan to undergo cryotherapy treatment in race to make All-Ireland final

September 10, 2015 by Paul Keane

Cian O’Sullivan, the Dublin centre back, will undergo punishing cryotherapy treatment in a bid to overcome the hamstring injury which threatens his participation in the All-Ireland football final on Sunday week.

Rugby World Cup: Wales dealth fresh injury blow

September 29, 2015 by Gareth Black

We have had a couple of days off and we will be refreshed, ready to go [against Fiji]. Our boys came back after the England game and were in the cryotherapy chamber at 3am. That’s the attitude our players have got and the attitude we will have to see on Thursday.


What is whole body cryotherapy?

August 15, 2015 by John Donowan

If spending a few minutes standing around in a sub-zero box, freezing away all your aches and pains (not to mention your tuchas), is your idea of a good time, you're not alone. Whole body cryotherapy is, by many accounts, the hottest way to tamp down pain and inflammation and relieve general soreness and stiffness.

Even better: Studies show that it works.


The Science of Cryotherapy: What -280 Degrees Feels Like

April 23, 2015 by Olivia Smith

You may be wondering why someone would want to jump into a machine set to sub-zero temperatures with barely anything on, but to me it was obvious. I wanted the so-called amazing health benefits I had heard were a by-product of cryotherapy.

There were tales of endorphin highs, pain relief and burning hundreds of calories in minutes. Yes, I had no idea if any of it were true, but why not try?

Chilling Out at Flow Cryotherapy

August 04, 2015 by Bianca Phillips

I'm testing out the new East Memphis cryotherapy sauna, Flow Cryotherapy. It opened to the public on Monday, and it's the first of its kind in Memphis. Cryotherapy is supposed to help with everything from chronic inflammation and joint pain to insomnia and psoriasis. I'm hoping it helps ease the runner's knee pain I've been struggling with for months.

How Cryotherapy Works And Why Star Athletes Like Kobe Bryant And Floyd Mayweather Jr. Love It

June 18, 2015 by Mark Lelinwalla

NBA superstars such as Kobe Bryant and LeBron James love it. Undefeated boxing champion Floyd Mayweather Jr. swears by it, having sessions before and after his fights. The therapy was even featured on Good Morning America on Wednesday, June 17.

I froze my body through cryotherapy for the sake of journalism

July 6, 2015 by Jonathan Jones

Think of it like an ice bath, except it’s dry and the shock is far less sudden. The chamber cools with liquid nitrogen and the temperature steadily drops to about minus 220 degrees.

After three minutes, swelling and inflammation should go down. You should feel refreshed, and even have a boost of energy. To top it off, you burn around 500 or more calories because your body went into survival mode while in the arctic temperatures.


Healthline: Cryotherapy comes to Louisiana

May 28, 2015 by Graham Ulkins

It doesn't take long for Potter to begin to shiver as liquid nitrogen vapor fills the chamber at a temperature of -270 degrees Fahrenheit. For 15 years, she's suffered from chronic pain and fatigue. Cryotherapy tricks her body into survival mode.

Breaking the Ice: New 'Cryotherapy' Business Opens in State College

August 20, 2015 by Gazette Staff and Alexa Lewis

Cryotherapy is a non-invasive therapy that can reduce pain and inflammation, boost the metabolism and burn calories, enhance energy and sleep, improve skin tone and the immune system, and help with headaches and migraines, Smith said.

With your body under the illusion that it’s going to freeze, Smith said, “The body forces all the blood to the core and then it picks up oxygen, nutrients and enzymes so when you step out the nutrient rich blood rushes back to the body.”

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